Civil Litigation Attorneys.
Focused On Efficient Resolution.


The Charleston Civil Litigation Attorneys of Epstein & Howell understand the impact that litigation has on both businesses and individuals.  As small business owners, the civil litigation attorneys of Epstein & Howell understand the stress, financial burden and uncertainty that litigation causes for the parties involved.  The civil litigation attorneys of Epstein & Howell strive to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively by utilizing planned early negotiation, mediation and arbitration as means to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.  If we can resolve a dispute without filing a Complaint or Answer, then we will because we know every dollar spent on litigation is a dollar that you could spend on growing your business or providing for your family.

Charleston Civil Litigation Attorneys Ready To Work For You

The Charleston Civil Litigation Attorneys of Epstein & Howell represent individuals, businesses and professionals in South Carolina in a wide variety of disputes.  We are willing to file an action, as Plaintiff, and we stand ready to defend you if you are being sued.  However, we do not defend cases for any insurance companies.  Our promise to you is that we will pursue the most cost-effective strategy to resolve your case when feasible and pursue your rights through trial if your situation warrants pursuit through trial.  We represent clients just like us on a daily basis, including representation in the following areas: 

  • Bad Faith Insurance Disputes
  • Residential and Commercial Landlord/ Tenant Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Business and Partnership Disputes
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Non-Compete Agreement Litigation
  • Unfair Trade Practices Litigation
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Family/ Domestic Law
  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Business Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation