Passing the Bar

For most of the United States this is a short work week but to thousands of law school graduates this week marks the dreaded Bar Exam. The bar exam represents a huge milestone in a lawyers career. It's called "Passing the Bar" because it literally means that a lawyer can physically pass the bar that separates the lawyers and clients from the rest of the gallery of onlookers in a Courtroom. It is also a test chalked full of mystery. No one (aside from the examiners) knows how it is graded! After graduating a law student has about 3 blissful days before panic sets in and they start studying for the bar. The two major components to the South Carolina Bar examine knowledge of state and federal law. State law is covered in 6 essay questions spanned across a 2 day period. Subjects tested: Civil Procedure, Domestic Relations, Business Law (Corporations, Partnerships, etc.), Insurance, Wills/Trusts/Estates/Probate and the Uniform Commercial Code (Sales, Notes and Secured Transactions). The third day of the bar exam is a multiple choice bear of a test which is dedicated to Federal Law (or, as I fondly like to think of it: the part where you pick the best worst answer and pray a lot).

I don't have any particular horror stories about my bar exam and aside from the last day I didn't shed one tear over the test. Of course studying was hard and at times very boring but overall it just felt like a job. Wake up at 6, study from 7a - 5p then spend the rest of the night trying to stop your brain from playing on repeat: "in order to create an agency relationship there need not be any formality..." or any other minutia that you had picked up earlier in the day. I had a fantastic study partner and on the weekends met with a great group to review essay questions. Even when stress levels ran high, my experience was not nearly as strenuous as some that I have heard before.

If anyone has any bar exam stories they'd like to share, please feel free! For all of the bar takers- GOOD LUCK! Remember to breathe, eat and before you know it the test will be over.