The Perfect Working Lunch.

We have all had those days where it just isn't convenient to get out of the office and enjoy a nice leisurely lunch.  Sadly, this often results in skipping lunch all together or eating food that you wish you would have skipped.  If you want to break free of the working lunch blues, and you are looking for a great alternative to fast food or homemade PB&J, look no further!  Staying in the office for lunch can be enjoyable and delicious if you call On The Fly. I love going out to eat.  I especially love going out to eat when it means getting out of the office.  However, since Becca introduced me to On The Fly, I am more than happy to stay at my desk and work through lunch.  The food is better than I have had at most dine-in restaurants, the portions are huge, and the price is better than reasonable.  I am always fond of a good burger, and their pimento cheeseburger is delicious.  Nevertheless, if you are going to try anything, I highly recommend the fried chicken.  It was simply amazing.

Next time you have a busy lunch, or if you just want some quality food, call On The Fly in West Ashley.  You’ll be happy you aren’t skipping lunch.