Taco Spot, Your Neighborhood Taco Dealers

Everybody I know loves a great taco and I do too.  Luckily, Taco Spot in West Ashley makes a great taco at a solid price within walking distance from my home.  I love the place and you will too if you take the time to check it out. Taco Spot, 1301 B Ashley River Rd., Charleston, SC 29407, www.thetacospot.com

I'm no stranger to Taco Spot as I live right around the corner from it, but for those of you who are - here is a brief summation of the big things they offer in a small space. 

There is certainly more to a great dining experience than just the food itself.  Ambience, location, and service all play a role in determining the overall feeling you walk away with each time you visit an establishment.  Taco Spot is conveniently located on Hwy 61 in West Ashley just across the street from Home Team BBQ.  In Taco Spot's case, the building is small, but they do a lot with it.  When you walk in you are greeted by kind, cheerful, relaxed staff behind the counter.  The vibe is low-key.  If you want to eat there, they have a taco bar where you can sit just inches from your taco constructor and a couple of small tables along the wall.  They serve beer and wine and the rest of the beverages are self-serve.  You get your own ice from a clean cooler, you pour your own iced tea or water, and the price of the items offered reflect that fact (just $2.89 for a gourmet taco).

Aside from the low-key vibe, convenient location, and kind staff, the tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and salads are all delicious.  My favorites are the Blackened Grouper & Cayenne Ranch and Blackened Chicken & Cayenne Ranch tacos on corn tortillas.  You may have noticed that both of those items have the Cayenne Ranch in common - it really makes a taco that has blackened fish or chicken because it cools the blackening down a bit while adding another delicious layer of flavor.  I've also had the Blackened Steak Burrito, which was delicious as well.  They even have $2.50 tacos on Saturdays!  Man, I love a weekend deal.  So, next time you are in W. Ashley and in the mood for a taco, give Taco Spot a shot.  It's always good to have a friendly neighborhood taco dealer ready to serve you up!

Adam W. Howell, Esquire