Sesame Burgers and Beer, Simply Delicious

Sesame Burgers and Beer,

4726 State Road S-10-32, N. Charleston, SC (843) 554-4903

2070 Sam Rittenburg Boulevard, Charleston, SC (843) 766-7770

    I love a good burger. I love a local beer. Together, with those powers combined comes powerhouse, Sesame Burgers and Beer. Sesame is no stranger to Charleston with it’s sister restaurant, the amazing Five Loaves, having resided here for over 10 years. Sesame’s two locations, one in Park Circle and the other in the Citadel Mall, both offer a quaint, unique and warm atmosphere constantly abuzz with chatter and life. Impressively, Sesame has managed to create such a great continuity between its two locations I can only reason that the atmosphere is the direct result of the people who work there and their tireless dedication to providing quality food and equally important, quality service.     Onto the eats: Not only does Sesame offer delicious burgers, they give you four, yes, four options for the “burgers” Think: Patty cake, Patty cake, bakers man, give me the beef/chicken/turkey/black bean patty just as fast as you can! (Yes, I did just incorporate a child’s rhyme into my blog). You can get your favorite toppings piled up on a chicken, turkey, ground beef or black bean burger.  They have mix and match toppings and if I were to guess, I’d only venture to say that the possibilities were endless. For those of you with a little less culinary creativity they offer a variety of pre-selected toppings. What is my personal favorite you ask?! I love the Gourmet Burger- a delicious ensemble of goat cheese spread and portabellas. Because I’m both calorie conscious (*I use this term loosely…unlike my pants after eating here) and a fan of spicy goodness, I usually swap the beef for a chicken breast, add jalapeños and if I’m feeling extra indulgent, add bacon!     Sesame also offers great apps- ranging from grill corn (which has been soaked in a milk mixture- making it so sweet and tender that it wouldn’t look one bit out of place on a Babyface album cover…); fried pickles (spears. hot-juicy-dill-pickely spears); pimento cheese (you can’t exist ‘round these parts without having a version of this on your menu); and onion rings that will surely infuriate your cardiologist while sending your tastebuds into overdrive!     If you’re a beer connoisseur, a clueless taster, or somewhere in the spectrum, Sesame is a great place to taste and/or indulge in their wares. I won’t go through the seemingly endless choices of bottles and the great taps they constantly change out- but I will expound and praise Sesame for keeping my steady burger beer on draft: Coast HopART. If you’re an IPA lover, a beer nerd or are just looking to be local, Coast is the way to go!     So, before the puddle of drool on my desk gets any larger check Sesame out. It doesn’t matter if you make a million bucks a year, or you’re on a more modest budget (Tuesday nights they have $3 burgers…and yes, you can get ANY of the patty choices for that price) you won’t be disappointed with this sweet little local joint. They do it right.

Happy Hump day…and I hope to see you at Sesame!

Rebecca R. Epstein, Esquire