Tenant's Obligations in Residential Leases

If you rent a home or apartment, this post should be informative for you as it explains the obligations you have under South Carolina law.  What better than a little bit of Landlord/ Tenant Law to keep everybody alert on this beautiful Wednesday morning in Charleston, South Carolina.  Enjoy. Pursuant to Section 27-40-510 of the South Carolina Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (the "Act"), a tenant has a duty to maintain the dwelling unit they lease.  The Act requires that the tenant specifically shall, in pertinent part:

(1) comply with all obligations imposed by building and housing codes that affect health and safety;

(2) keep the unit reasonably safe and clean;

(3) dispose of all waste in a reasonably safe and clean manner;

(4) keep all plumbing fixtures reasonably clean;

(5) use in a reasonable manner the facilities and appliances on the premises;

(6) not deliberately or negligently destroy, damage, or remove any part of the premises or allow others to do the same;

(7) conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with his permission to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other tenant's peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

While some of these obligations do fall under the common sense umbrella, they still require attention when leasing a property as a tenant.  If you have questions regarding your lease with a landlord or if you are a landlord who has questions about your obligations to a tenant,  please call Epstein & Howell, LLC today to have your questions answered. 

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